Padlocks Glistening in the Sun

I must have hurried across this footbridge a couple of times, before I finally noticed them, all those padlocks in various shapes, sizes and colours. They were glittering in the sunlight. Looking closer they were also all engraved.

Since then I have learned this new trend comes from Italy, where lovers attach a padlock with names, dates and maybe a promise of love to a bridge and throw the key into the river underneath. It has since spread over vast parts of Europe and beyond – and of course finally arrived at my home town too. There are several rivers within this city and more just around it, but no bridge is quite as suitable for decorating it with locks as this one. It is rather long, it has lots of bars on either side that will hold vast amounts of locks. In addition, it is quite ugly and can certainly do with improvements.

When you bend to fasten the lock, you also have a very pretty view of the city. Until yesterday I hadn’t noticed, because the iron bar and pipe block the view for everyone standing on the bridge.

I must admit, I am not very romantic. If I ever wanted to make my love known this way, I’d probably keep a spare key, so I can remove the padlock again and throw it into the river when things go south. I’m no misanthropist though and I sincerly wish all the couples, who share their happiness with us by letting us know about it, a joyful, lasting relationship.

How the fish feel about the new trend hasn’t been researched yet.


6 thoughts on “Padlocks Glistening in the Sun

  1. Erstaunlich, was es alles so gibt. Habe ich bisher noch nicht gesehen. Sieht ja auf dem Bild fast dekorativ aus. … und die Fischlein sammeln nun die Sclüssel?! 😉

  2. That’s a tradition I’ve not yet seen here in the US! Part of me thinks it to be very sweet and romantic, and the other part worries about those fish. 🙂 It is indeed a lovely view; what a beautiful city!

  3. I’m continually amazed by what I can walk by without noticing it; and then something jumps out, like these little padlocks, and you wonder how you could have ever missed it! I love the wide-angle composition of the second photo.

    ”I’d probably keep a spare key, so I can remove the padlock again and throw it into the river when things go south” – a self-confessed cynic, I’m of exactly the same mindset…

    • I am a better observer with a camera in my hands and the desire to show what I see to others. With a camera I am neither alone nor in company. I am not indifferent or distracted. Seeing the world through a set of lenses is an interesting experience and I highly recommend it.

  4. I have heard that there is a bridge in Paris as well where this exists. Very much a romantic. Maybe I should start this tradition here as well…

    • Maybe you can think if a slightly more environmentally friendly version of this. Tokens of love on bridges are fine, I think. But padlocks? There’s got to be something better. Wood maybe.

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