Ladybug / Marienkäfer

Taking pictures on a day when the clouds just about seem to touch the ground with nothing more than a compact digital camera is frustrating. Unless you come home with a shot like the one above. My little friend there didn’t move for a while, she was probably very busy eating, the whole plant was full of lice.

But of course I still wish for a digital SLR.


5 thoughts on “Ladybug / Marienkäfer

  1. I learnt a new word in German today- Marienkäfer. I can understand the pangs of not having an SLR camera but its still an amazing shot. Love the sheen on the back of the ladybug.

    • Visual learning is fun, isn’t it?

      I am very seriously contemplating buying an SLR. I took pictures at midday today and since it was overcast and rainy my little camera was constantly complaining about too little light. It’s June! That problem is going to be a lot worse in November.

      On the other hand, spending a fair amount of money on an SLR would mean I’d feel committed to using it regularly and taking photography more seriously than I have taken it so far. That’s a decision I haven’t made yet.

    • Thank you for the suggestion and the link. It helped quite a bit with the camera research I did during the past two days. I chose my new camera earlier today and will write more about it later.

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