Fresh Breeze Introduction

I stumbled into blogging about six weeks ago without much of a plan. I hadn’t decided what I wanted to blog about. I had decided what I didn’t want the blog to be about: work, the daily grind and things best kept private. I toyed with designs (no idea how many themes I tried), chose random topics and got a little stuck on photography. I had a vague plan for the blog to be about “creative stuff”.

But somehow this isn’t IT. My photography style is mainly journalistic, not artsy. I want to show people things and places they don’t have the chance to see for themselves. Occasionally I also want to show them my perspective on something. I am first and foremost a story-teller. I use text, photos and music to tell stories. I have written thousands of letters (before everyone had email) and emails over the years.

After all those flower photos I realized, I am not such a good story-teller at present and when I thought about it some more, I understood it was because I got stuck in habits and boredom. I need some Pippi Longstocking spirit back in my life, some cheerful courage, curiosity and genuine independence (more than anything of the attitude of other people). So I made a plan.

I already have a few ideas for the series, no genuinely great ones yet, I think, but I have to start somewhere.


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