St John’s Wort / Johanniskraut

I begin to suspect this might become a rather long series, since my biologist is already jealous of all the cute little flowers I happen to stumble upon and I find it rather fascinating to discover I have a pharmacy growing in my neighbourhood. I found even more cute little flowers on the way home today and over time you’ll get to see those too. All the weeds, that looked very much alike to me until a few weeks ago, suddenly turn into a diverse collection, it’s a fascinating journey.


Ich denke, das wird eine umfangreiche Serie. Meine Biologin ist jetzt schon neidisch, weil ich so viel nettes Unkraut finde, wo auch immer ich hingucke. Ich bin von der Apotheke, die da in meiner Nachbarschaft wächst, fasziniert. Auf dem Heimweg habe ich heute noch mehr schickes Unkraut gefunden, das ich euch nach und nach hier zeigen werde. Aus dem Grünzeug, das für mich bis vor zwei Wochen noch ganz gleich aussah, wird plötzlich eine vielfältige Sammlung. Faszinierend.


2 thoughts on “St John’s Wort / Johanniskraut

  1. lovely photos, appreciate your skills. Cornflower blue is our favorite color and have hilarious go rounds in the big box paint store trying to get the color right! I often wonder how Germans view/are taught WW II history. Surprised to learn confiscating wealth for personal gain has been acknowledged as you mentioned in selling art.

    Please stay-on line, your international perspective is so valuable.

    • Hi Cyd! Nice to see you here!
      Germans are taught WW II history in mind boggling detail. Not so much in school, a lot of it is part of our daily lives: the memorials (a lot of small ones), museums, it’s present in all kinds of art, especially literature and TV programs galore. In addition everyone has had a fair share of tales told at family gatherings. While publicly nothing is hushed up, private communication varies from very open and honest to taboo.

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