My new camera is here!!! / Die neue Kamera ist da!!!

It was delivered this morning

First things first, I opened the package, found the battery and charged it

Next I unpacked everything else and carefully tested, if I could put my old Minolta lenses on the new camera. It worked!

Then I installed the software that came with the camera wondering how much of it I’ll unistall again soon and began to read the manual. It’s a big manual. Sigh. I made tea and lunch and waited for a full battery.

Finally it was time for some rather mindless test-photgraphy in the garden. Just to see if everything worked properly. I tried all three lenses and was happy with the results. When I had seen those, I went for a short walk in the neighbourhood to take bad photos with a camera I don’t understand yet. I quite like learning by doing. Below I are the presentable shots I was able to make.


Meine alten Minoltaobjektive passen auf die neue Kamera, alles funktioniert technisch einwandfrei und ein klein wenig geübt habe ich auch schon, wie ihr unten sehen könnt.

While the battery was still being charged, I received another package which contained a memory card

I think this was the second photo I took. The insect is about 2mm long and was modelling on a daisy for me.

I’m not sure why the neighbours dump the pine cones under this tree, but it looks kind of cool.

Another lady bug, this time on a stinging nettle which kept me at some distance.

I’m getting better at botany and was able to identify this plant as Creeping Thistle (Ackerkratzdistel) all by myself.

A quick look at the sky.

A visit to the neighbourhood church to see how the camera does in poor light.

Here, I should have tried automatic HDR, but forgot.

An extraordinarily posh Citroen CV2 by the road. In German it is called “Ente” which means “Duck”.

And finally a portrait of a little singer.

Considering that I shot all these photos with a totally unfamiliar camera, without much thought and just altered them slightly before posting them, I am very, very pleased with the results.

I am also very, very starved. If you’ll excuse me, I have to make supper now.


8 thoughts on “My new camera is here!!! / Die neue Kamera ist da!!!

    • I love how the colours came out. They look “right” in every single picture. The small camera did poorly with the sky, which, of course, is a serious problem.
      Focusing is different from what I am used to. I’ll have to practise that a bit.

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