Tainted Beauty / Verdorbene Schönheit

The major event of last week was the arrival of my new camera, of course. I was looking forward to taking lots of pictures with it and trying new things. So this week I challenged myself to take at least one picture that’s significantly different from anything I have shared so far. Since I am still very unfamiliar with the camera itself, any significant difference was fine with me.

Things I had in mind were:

  • an automatic HDR photo of a motif that needs it
  • something that shows movement
  • an interesting photo of something that is actually ugly
  • contemporary architecture in any shape or form
  • an automatic panorama photo (my camera has a program for this)

A portrait was not an option, because all my local friends scurry off when they spot me holding a camera. At least I know that they don’t discriminate among photographers. They’ll run from any camera in anyone’s hands.

I took an automatic HDR photo and you have already seen it, it is the nave of St. Jakob’s church. It doesn’t have that slightly distorted HDR look and I think it is pretty and not really different from anything you’ve seen here already.

When I sorted the photos, I discovered pictures that showed deliberately ruined beauty. So they are the ones you’ll get to see now, if you don’t close your eyes fast enough.

This photo was intentionally taken to show tainted beauty. The section of the riverbank is a party zone at night. During the day the footpath is cluttered with broken glass. This facade attracts more clumsy decoration than any other. I won’t call it “graffiti”, because I quite like genuine street art. But here, people obviously just mess up the facade. The inscriptions aren’t very insightful either. One states “time is a human invention” another “I hate you”. Well, we sort of guessed that.

Before you tell me running a program on an ugly photo that transforms it into “old sepia” is tacky, let me apologize and admit I agree. But when I looked at the original photo at home, I couldn’t help wondering why I had taken it in the first place. Then I remembered I wore shades and turned the colours of the photo to black and white. All of a sudden the house really looked interesting. It would have looked even better without the monstrous antenna, that isn’t probably not even used anymore. This is the coloured version and I really wonder who’s responsible for this. I mean orange, red and purple on an old facade is pretty bad taste. And why the ornaments in the center are coloured like Christmas trees is a mystery too. The house faces northeast, so no one is getting a lot of light behind all those flower boxes. Well, I guess the owner likes it and is happy with the arrangement. Everyone else can look away or try to imagine the house without flower boxes and painted in pastels. In my mind, then it would be really pretty.

Unfortunately I have to wait for the rain to stop and the sky to become at least a lighter shade of grey before I can take more pictures. With a little luck, that should happen tomorrow.


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