Summer Skies / Sommerhimmel

Don’t believe the postcards. This is what it looks like a fair share of the time – when it isn’t raining. It’s driving us all a little crazy.

I quite like the colours in the photo though.


Auch Schlechwetterfotos können gut aussehen.


6 thoughts on “Summer Skies / Sommerhimmel

  1. With all the wonderful buildings in your country, grey skies can be forgiven!
    Several years ago, a group of us toured the Schwarzwald, then took a river cruise down the Danube from Passau to the Black Sea and back. Then we went to Munich. When we pooled our pictures, I think there were about 5000 photos!

    • Schwarzwald, Danube cruise and Munich is a lot of ground to cover in one trip. I guess you had little time to explore on your own then?

      We have quite a few tourists here and I think most of us have mixed feelings about them. On the one hand we are happy to live in a beautiful place people consider worth visiting. We also like them spending money here. 😉

      On the other hand large groups of tourists tend to be annoying. They block paths, tend to be noisy and a few are poorly behaved. In my experience that’s true for large groups of tourists anywhere from any country. I have on occasion pretended not to speak German because I felt my fellow countrymen were so embarrassing.

      Maintaining a balance between the interests of tourists and locals is difficult. I am very worried the old part of my city will morph into some kind of Disney Land the locals will avoid. Things are moving in that direction, but there is resistance, so maybe we’ll work things out reasonably well after all.

      • We were fortunate enough to have almost 2 weeks to tour the German countryside. There were six of us – two fluent in German (an American and a Slovak). I expect we weren’t viewed as being typical “American” tourists because there wasn’t a language barrier, and because we had all spent enough time living overseas to understand how not to be annoying!

      • Sounds like you were blessed with delightful travel companions and some time to explore on your own. I think travelling in small groups is fine, it’s a totally different experience from mass tourism. I had a somewhat “mass tourism” experience as a teen. That was enough as far as I am concerned.

    • Jaha! Hast du gesagt. Und weil ich ja jetzt eine Kamera habe, die nicht ständig wegen der Lichtverhältnisse rumzickt, musste ich gleich mal probieren, ob du auch recht hast. Hast du!

      Ich hab auch schon über einen Regenmantel für die Kamera nachgedacht. Gefrierbeutel, den man vorn am Objektiv mit Tesa festmacht, denke ich. Wenn ich’s ausprobiert habe, werde ich berichten.

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