Keeping cool – in style!

I hate to wear something on my head. I grudgingly wear a fleece cap in winter, because I know I’ll get sick, if I don’t. But the other day my eccentric head demanded more protection. After a hike in the sun, I came home with a major headache and when I read up on it, I realized I probably had a minor sunstroke and could consider myself lucky, things weren’t worse. I had been out alone in the countryside and serious sunstrokes go with confusion. I can loose my way with a map and my wits about me just fine, I don’t need any confusion on top of it.

That’s why I grudgingly decided it was time to get a summer hat. Few people here wear summer hats and my brief visit to the mall revealed the selection was small. Just owning a sun hat wouldn’t help, if I didn’t wear it, therefore I had to make sure I got myself a hat I didn’t hate. But how?

I vaguely remembered something about a famous hat shop in town. They make and sell hand crafted hats, predominately traditional hats that go with traditional Bavarian clothes though, something I’d not even consider wearing. I looked the shop up online and found out they sell hats, any shape and design you can think of. So a visit to the shop was in order.

It ended up being a very brief visit. I climbed the stairs to the first floor, looked around, scratched my head in confusion at the sight of hundreds of hats, was noticed by a young sales lady and told her what I was looking for. I originally thought of a fabric hat, because it can be folded and stored in a backpack easily, but they looked silly on me. Then I looked at the straw hats. They didn’t look silly, but wouldn’t have worked. After a brief discussion I ended up with a viscose hat which looks like a straw hat, but is a fabric hat. It can be folded bagged if necessary, but shouldn’t be crumpled too badly. Most importantly: I don’t hate it. I couldn’t quite see myself loving it, but I knew wearing it would be better than risking headaches.

I have worn the hat one afternoon already and was ok with it. Unfortunately ever since I bought it, it has been raining. The weather forecast says it will keep raining. Sigh. So this ends up being a slightly sad Fresh Breeze. It makes some other Fresh Breeze plans impossible for the time being – but not next week’s.


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