Saying Goodbye to Hogwarts in 3D

As an avid reader I don’t go to the movies all that often. I’m simply not interested in a lot of movies and feel the ones I am interested in usually don’t live up to the book that inspired them. So I stay at home or sit on a park bench or dig up a book from my bag where I coincidentally happen to be and read.

When the first Harry Potter book came out, I didn’t care, later, I went to see the first movie, because everyone was talking about the series and to get some idea what all that was about, I simply had to see the movie. I liked it, but wasn’t enthusiastic.

Only a few months before the final Harry Potter book came out, I finally caught up on the series. I had to, almost everyone I was talking to on a regular basis knew the books, the movies, loved them all and was totally excited about the last book. I wanted to keep my friends, so I read.

The day the last book finally made it to the bookstore I participated in a workshop and felt a cold coming on. The audio book copy of The Half Blood Prince was already waiting for me at home, borrowed from the library, but for some reason I couldn’t get my hands on The Order of the Phoenix. I foolhardily entered a bookstore that day and came home with a copy of the Phoenix and the Deathly Hollows, of course.

I spent the following week reading, listening and reading through my feverish cold. When my mind was done with the books, my body was done with the virus. Just a little later The Order of the Phoenix movie was released and I absolutely had to see it, of course.

I prefer to watch movies with their original soundtrack, if I get the chance. Commonly all movies are shown with a German soundtrack in our movie theatres and on TV. Qualities vary. Many are excellent, some are, well, let’s say the speakers don’t quite live up to the original actors, sometimes the German soundtrack is better than the original, especially when the original has loud background noise, so the voices are barely comprehensible.

Watching The Order of the Phoenix, I became an admirer of Alan Rickman’s acting skills, especially the way he uses his voice. (No, I am not a fan of Prof Snape.) And so, when the latest and last Harry Potter movie came out I just had to get see it in English again. Usually there is just one show of each movie in English at one of the theatres in my city – and when it is a blockbuster, the tickets are gone fast. With a bit of patience and luck I got a ticket for a good seat this time though. A 3D version, which I thought was cool, because “watching a movie in 3D” was on my fun project list for this year anyway.

I arrived at the theatre early, because I knew it would be busy and I had been warned my ticket would be sold, if I didn’t pick it up soon enough. I arrived with a backpack full of stuff, mind you. Food, drink – and a book, of course, because I knew I’d spend some time waiting.

The 3D effects were interesting, but not impressive. My favourite 3D section was an ad that had wine gums flying at me… I was annoyed by the volume in the theatre, so were a few others. The lady beside me also occasionally covered her ears. The action scenes were great, but the story was abbreviated quite a bit. I still believe the author was talked out of the original end by the publisher, because it doesn’t match the rest of the series in coherence and credibility. But I mustn’t give anything important away, the movie is worth seeing and I sure don’t want to spoil anything for you.

If you want to know, what it is like to watch a movie in the “wrong” language, check out this trailer.


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