Water or Manipulation? / Wasser oder Bearbeitung?

Does this look wrong to you? Just like Helen and Silberdistel I am intrigued by reflections. So I simply turned this photo around. Apart from slight colour adjustments there haven’t been any manipulations. The original photo is below.


Sieht das irgendwie verkehrt aus? Wie Silberdistel und Helen mag ich Reflexionen, deshalb habe ich das Foto einfach umgedreht. Außer kleineren Farbkorrekturen ist nichts verändert. Unten ist das Original.


4 thoughts on “Water or Manipulation? / Wasser oder Bearbeitung?

    • Simply turning a picture seems like a more legitimate manipulation than software special effects, because it doesn’t improve or corrupt the photo itself. Changing a photo to black and white is similar, I think.
      A friend of mine had me turn a poorly done (professional) portrait of herself. Just a few degrees made a huge difference.

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