Only in Bavaria / Nur in Bayern

… can you find this plant in a city park, I guess. Never seen before? No idea what it might be? Take another look!


… findet man diese Pflanze in einem Stadtpark, glaube ich. Nie gesehen? Keine Idee, was es sein könnte? Schau nochmal hin.

A large (10-13 ft) climbing plant. The shrivelled brown things are fruit no one bothered to harvest. Still not sure? Let me show you a close-up.


Eine großes Rankgewächs (3-4 m). Die verschrumpelten braunen Dinger sind Früchte, die niemand geerntet hat. Noch nicht sicher? Dann zeige ich nochmal eine Nahaufnahme.

To find out what it is, you could take a fruit and grind it between your hands. I did just that and the scent wasn’t too impressive any more, since the fruit was already too dry. But still, it was unmistakably common hop.


Um herauszufinden, was es ist, kann man eine Frucht zwischen den Händen zerreiben. Ich hab es letzte Woche gemacht. Der Geruch war nicht mehr so beeindruckend, aber es war eindeutig echter Hopfen.


For those of you who live very far away from Bavaria, I may add that hop is one of the four ingredients of pure Bavarian beer (the others are barley, yeast and water). Hop is also used for medical purposes and can be cooked and eaten like a vegetable – if you can get and afford it.


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