Birding for Beginners / Vogelfotografie für Anfänger

If you want to try birding, start with big birds,

Wenn du es mal mit dem Fotografieren von Vögeln probieren willst, fang mit großen Vögeln an,

or curious ones,

oder neugierigen,

or patient ones.

oder geduldigen.

Before you try to capture hiding birds

Bevor du es mit versteckten

or flying ones.

oder fliegenden Vögeln versuchst

If you want to give birding a try in winter, learn to use your camera with gloved hands and wear a nice warm cap. Be prepared to end up with a lot of lousy pictures and birds flying away just the moment you were ready to release the shutter. Don’t worry if it takes a while until you can find the birds in the viewfinder, you will spend time scanning empty sky or bushes hearing, but not seeing a bird. Don’t tell anyone just how much cropping you did, because you had no time to pick a good angle and 300 mm focal length are somewhat lame too.

But most of all, don’t take my advice too seriously.

Wenn du unbedingt im Winter damit anfangen willst, lerne deine Kamera mit Handschuhen zu bedienen und trage eine warme Mütze. Ärgere dich nicht, wenn du jede Menge miserabler Fotos machst und dir die Vögel immer dann wegfliegen, wenn du grade auf den Auslöser drücken willst. Wundere dich nicht, wenn du die Vögel im Sucher nicht findest und eine Weile den Himmel oder das Gebüsch absuchen musst, bevor du den Vogel, den du hörst, auch sehen kannst. Erzähl keinem, wie sehr du an den Fotos rumgeschnipselt hast, weil du keine Zeit hattest, einen geeigneten Ausschnitt zu wählen und 300 mm Brennweite wirklich zu wenig ist.

Aber vor allem: nimm meine Anweisungen nicht zu ernst.



6 thoughts on “Birding for Beginners / Vogelfotografie für Anfänger

  1. Because of the plethora of smart phones on the market there are now a plethora of fingerless gloves out on the market. I’ve found this to be a super help when photographing outdoors during the cold months. I enjoyed your post and especially your photos.

    • Thank you.
      I haven’t tried fingerless gloves yet. Mine a fingered fleece gloves, the fabric is soft enough to feel buttons. My camera buttons aren’t as small as my phone buttons so it works just fine.

  2. LOVE the bird photos. Each of the birds in the first 3 photos seems to have its own personality! But my favorite is the photo with the hidden birds. I think it would make a great jigsaw puzzle!

  3. The most common, and annoying bird in my part of the world is the magpie. They are also the most cautious birds, and I have yet to get a decent photo of one!

    • There are quite a few magpies in my neighbourhood and they are not cautious. I already have semi-presentable photos of some, but I think I can do better given a little time and opportunity.
      The quick little birds are something else altogether. Tits and finches seem to taunt me. Well, I’ll wait for snow and aim the camera at a bird feeder then.

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