Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmärkte

Follow me on a tour of our Christmas markets,

Kommt mit zu einem Rundgang über die Weihnachtsmärkte,

where you can consume unhealthy food and drinks while chatting and being ice cold,

wo man in der Kälte stehen, schwatzen und dabei völlig ungesunde Lebensmittel konsumieren kann,

or buy Christmas decorations, that take up a lot of space.

oder Dekoteile kaufen, die jede Menge Platz wegnehmen.

If you know where to look, you can also find regional crafts,

Wer sich auskennt, kann auch Kunsthandwerk aus der Region finden,

including nice, colourful, warm winter clothes and religious art (we tend to forget what Christmas is really about, don’t we?).

einschließlich schöner, bunter, warmer Wintersachen, religiöser Kunst (ihr erinnert euch, Weihnachten ist ein religiöses Fest – eigentlich)

and absolutely fresh food, made by someone who wears his traditional stag leather pants and wool cardigan for work, not as a costume for the Okotoberfest.

und ganz frischem Essen, zubereitet von jemandem, der seine Hirschlederne und den Janker nicht als albernes Volksfestkostüm sondern als normale Arbeitskleidung trägt.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice there are no recognizable faces in any of my photos. According to German regulations, I may not publish reconizable photos of people without their consent. I whole heartedly agree with those regulations and would not want to come across my beautifully depicted face on someone else’s blog either, hence some partial blurring.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Markets / Weihnachtsmärkte

  1. Thank you for the tour! I think the gentleman in the red cardigan, preparing some fresh food, probably has the best job among all the vendors, since he gets to stand near the fire and keep warm!

    • Chances are, he is also a very busy man. When I took that picture, I was so preoccupied with the flame and the camera, I forgot to check what exactly he was making. It’s nothing I recognize from the picture, so I hope to go back there later this week, check and maybe try.

  2. I agree that it is best not to publish photos of strangers without their permission, I too would be upset if I found my face on someone elses blog!

    • I wonder how often my face is visible online, because living in a town with a fair number of tourists, I have walked into my share of photos. I don’t mind as long as I am not identified and it is not a portrait, but I am just visible somewhere in the scene.
      The official rules are a bit tricky. I know I am on the safe side publishing photos of people as long as they are not recognizable. I also know I may publish photos of public events, even if people are recognizable (otherwise there could never be any news coverage of public events). Everthing in between is a bit shady and decidedly outdated, all laws are from the pre-web era.

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