Small Victories / Kleine Siege

Earlier today I launched my new blog about my battles with the insanity of ordinary life, more precisely about my victories in these battles, that’s why the blog’s name is “Kleine Siege” which means “Small Victories”.

My objective is to win as many battles as possible, that’s why I decided to blog exclusively in German. I presume it would take a lot of time to explain the intricacies of many of the challenges I face in two languages. Germans like complicated rules and they really, really like to do things in a very complicated fashion, sort of like buying coffee at Starbucks. (No, actually I am no exception. I like my complicated rules, but am not too fond of other people’s rules. An attitude I share with the majority of my fellow countrymen.)

There will be photos, of course, and I will try some new photography and post processing tricks on a blog that’s mainly meant to be funny, so you might want to visit, even if you don’t understand much of the German text. You are welcome to comment in English.

Of course, I wanted to let you know what the new button at the top underneath “Info” is all about.

Ab heute gibt es einen neuen Blog über den ganz normalen Wahnsinn meines Alltags von mir, weil sich der nur mit Humor und in Gesellschaft ertragen lässt. Der Link ist dauerhaft im Menü unter “Info” angepinnt, es wird nur deutsche Texte geben. Viel gibt es noch nicht zu sehen, aber ich hoffe auf eure Neugier und eure Besuche.

Kleine Siege


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