Avian Sentinel / Gefiederter Wachposten

The typical German sentinel has a bird’s eye perspective and looks important,

Der typisch deutsche Wachposten sitzt an einem herausragenden Ort und sieht wichtig aus,

rarely keeps its beak shut,

er reißt gern mal den Schnabel auf

and shows disapproval clearly. (Note: The signs say no stopping and standing, because in an emergency the area is needed by the fire brigade.)

und zeigt seine Missbilligung deutlich.


4 thoughts on “Avian Sentinel / Gefiederter Wachposten

    • He wasn’t impressed with me, for sure. I wonder if he was telling others to stay away, it almost worked, only I didn’t keep a respectable distance for a while. Then I would solely be responsible for his frustrations. Ooops. Sorry bird!

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