Gone Fishing

No, the photo was not taken in some remote location. I was standing on a bridge with plenty of traffic on my way home.

Nein, das Foto habe ich nicht irgendwo auf dem Land gemacht, sondern von einer stark befahrenen Brücke aus auf dem Weg nach Hause.

For the past week I have been working on my computer system. I have experimented with Ubuntu Linux versions on my old computer and got to like them so much, I plan to install one of them on my new computer too. That might cause some data disarray and blog absences in the near future.

“Gone fishing” ist eine Redensart und bedeutet geistesabwesend oder versunken. In den letzten Tagen war ich am Computer versumpft. Ich habe an meinem alten Computer mit Ubuntu Linux Versionen experimentiert und mir gefallen sie so gut, dass ich eine davon demnächst auch auf meinem neuen Computer installieren werde. Das könnte zu etwas Datenchaos und Blogabstinenz in der nächsten Zeit führen.

BTW In Germany fishing is a rather exotic occupation. Obtaining the necessary permit involves a serious amount of studying, an exam, paperwork and fees.


4 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. It looks so calm and serene – life certainly slows down when one is fishing (or watching someone else fishing!) 😀 Do they get to keep the fish they catch? Or do they throw them back? If they keep the fish, are they OK to eat?

    • One of the reasons people need to study before they may fish is to tell all the fishies apart and not kill any of them unnecessarily. The fish they catch and kill are eaten. I don’t know much about fish, I just checked and learned that there are various species that make nice meals.

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