Volksfest (1)

Every place in Germany has a “Volksfest”, a party for everyone, at least once a year. The most famous of this kind is the Oktoberfest in Munich, of course, but there are thousands of them all over the place, some almost as large as the Oktoberfest, some very small.

Each has at least one big tent, which we misleadingly call “beer tent”, although it usually provides a full restaurant service, has a stage for live performances and a sound system to play recorded music, some have video screens as well. A Volksfest also has food stalls, entertainment stalls and rides, at the very least a carousel.

I don’t particularly like Volksfests. Food and drink are not my style, the few rides I would like are overpriced. Last week however I spotted the Volksfest site from a distance while I was taking a walk to check on some flowers and I loved the colours of the wheel against the blue sky. So I decided to walk over and take a few pictures. To be continued…

Volksfeste sind nicht mein Ding. – Es sei denn ich habe eine Kamera dabei und die Farben sehen so klasse aus wie neulich, als ich von meiner üblichen Blümchenspaziergangroute aus, das Volksfestgelände sah. Das musste ich mir doch näher ansehen. Fortestzung folgt…


2 thoughts on “Volksfest (1)

  1. That is a huge Ferris wheel! And the carriages are so prettily decorated. I haven’t seen enclosed carriages like that on any of the Ferris wheels here. I am not brave enough to ride in a Ferris wheel, though. Too much like a roller coaster for me! 😉 Don’t really have the stomach for either ride! 😀

    • The Ferris wheel is one of the few rides I really like! I think this one isn’t very big. It’s been a while since I rode it, but I remember the great view of the surroundings.

      I don’t care too much for roller coasters, but on a hot day I like a log ride. 😀

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