Winter Light / Winterlicht

There are sunny hours in winter.

Es gibt auch im Winter sonnige Stunden.

But mostly my home town looks gloomy

Aber meistens ist es hier trüb und finster

and drained of colours from November to February.

als würde von November bis Februar an Farben gespart.

Such moments are worth roaming the city on icy days.

Für solche Momente lohnt es sich dann, an eisigen Tagen durch die Stadt zu laufen.


4 thoughts on “Winter Light / Winterlicht

  1. Love the dormer windows.. We’ve been having rain here, for the past several days. Misty fine, slow, drizzly rain. Grey skies. Fog.

    • Dormer windows are very common here, in all kinds of buildings. I like them, even though they are usually poorly insulated and somewhat drafty, so I am not too sad there is none in my present home.
      You have fog? For how many hours? 😉

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