Doors / Türen

No, I won’t complain about the weather again. Instead I show you two photos from my archive.

Like the beginning of a year these doors raise expectations. May all your wishes and expectations for the new year come true!

Nein, ich jammer nicht übers Wetter. Ich zeig euch einfach Fotos aus meinem Archiv.

Wie der Beginn einen Jahres wecken auch diese Türen Erwartungen. Ich wünsche euch allen, dass sich eure Wünsche und Erwartungen an das neue Jahr erfüllen!


2 thoughts on “Doors / Türen

  1. Two very nice examples of doors! I like the symbolism expressed by doors. It is both an entry and an exit. May the doors of opportunity open to you as you go through the year; may there be a good, strong door to keep you safe always; and may there be no door shut in your face to exclude you.

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