Fresh Breeze

I usually make very careful decisions. There are things I want to achieve, so I do what I need to do and what I know is good for me. As a consequence, I feel I am drowning in a sea of good sense, reason – and gloom!

There is fun in some of the reasonable things I do. But it’s a stale kind of fun, the sort of fun you have watching your favourite movie yet again and then go on and read the latest book of your favourite series.

Now I make another very reasonable decision. I plan to test the hypothesis, that the world will not come to an end and my life will not turn into a disaster if – once a week – I do something special, just because I want to.

My chosen activity, should be creative or new or challenging or just something I seldom do. If things go well, it should be fun. Most of the time, there’s a risk, it’ll not be fun and then I don’t feel obliged to go through with it. If I have an idea that appeals to me, I’ll only check if it is likely to have any serious negative consequences. For once, I’ll do my best not to ponder usefulness, likelihood of success or other very reasonable concepts.

I plan a series of 52 parts. If all goes well that’s one weekly fresh breeze for a year. Chances are, I will have to skip a week occasionally, so it may be a little over a year. Reports will be posted on Sundays. I believe, that even if all else fails, writing those reports and entertaining you will be fun.

Jackie – Thank you for inspiring me!

After 30 Fresh Breezes, I decided to adjust the project.

Fresh Breezes so far:

  1. Special Exhibit at the Art Museum
  2. A Refreshing Experiment
  3. Photo Challenge: Tainted Beauty
  4. Hiking in the Countryside
  5. Visit to the jazz festival
  6. My summer hat
  7. The showdown at Hogwarts
  8. Photo Challenge: Self Portrait
  9. Homemade Pesto Genovese
  10. Roaming the Forest
  11. Collecting the last sunbeams of summer
  12. Mango Chutney
  13. Reading Night
  14. Hermit Hiking
  15. Photo Challenge: Manual Photography
  16. Taste Bud Test
  17. Trying Tikka Curry Paste
  18. More Light
  19. Big Band Concert
  20. Fallen Fortress in Fall
  21. Primitive Graphics
  22. Composing a Song
  23. Photo Challenge: Capturing Fog
  24. Photo Challenge: Birds
  25. Christmas Markets
  26. Chocoholism
  27. Photo experiments and new headers
  28. Self Portraits
  29. Creating my first HDRIs
  30. Winter Walk and Cookies
  31. Digital Picture
  32. Gorillapod (1) + (2)
  33. Turnovers (1) + (2)
  34. Dualboot
  35. A New Hiking Trail
  36. Frozen Yoghurt and Granité
  37. Zoo
  38. European Heritage Days
  39. A few days of NaNoWriMo
  40. Camera Tossing
  41. Live Political Satire

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